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What’s A PowerParasol®? And what can it do for you?

Innovative Solar Shade Structure Generates Revenue And Energy


Parking Lot Solutions

Parking lots are an integral part of many businesses, commercial developments and public amenities. A PowerParasol helps transform this important temporary automobile storage space into something more by creating shade, energy and premium parking revenue opportunities. Much more than ordinary covered parking, a PowerParasol project has height, lighting and creates a shade canopy over the entire lot, not just parking spaces.

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Retail Establishments

The retail shopping marketplace is a very competitive environment – to say the least. In order to succeed, retailers are constantly looking for better ways to attract and retain customers and to lower operational costs. A PowerParasol gives them both – a better shopping experience, night or day, for their customers, plus a savings on their electricity bills because it generates renewable energy. One more important point: a PowerParasol can be installed with minimal disruption to existing operations. Every PowerParasol we have installed has been on a site that is already in use. Our experienced team of installation professionals knows how maneuver in busy spaces without negatively impacting access and traffic flow.

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Public Spaces

A PowerParasol installation transforms the space beneath it, creating shade and defining an area. Its broad columns allow for signs, security cameras, and creative LED lighting applications. Common area that is intended for public gatherings is enriched and activated with a PowerParasol, enhancing the land or converting it from an area exposed to the harsh elements to a more inviting and controlled environment. And with electricity being generated, it introduces new energized outdoor opportunities and becomes a magnet for attracting public gatherings, both organized and spontaneous.

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Out of the Desert. Off the Rooftops. Into the Community.TM

PowerParasol® is a transformative tool that produces immediate results for customers who make the investment in changing their environment.

Used to cover parks, pedestrian malls, parking lots, playgrounds community open space, or business and storage areas, the patent pending Power Parasol provides shade, security, lighting, and solar energy. All of this, while creating an environment of dappled light that allows grass, flowers, bushes and trees to flourish underneath the structure resulting in comfortable, inviting outdoor areas.

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Solar Energy is a Wise Investment

solar energy

The future of energy belongs with green energy solutions. Renewable energy is a rapidly advancing field of research, and as the years go by the costs of these solutions are decreasing dramatically. The sun is a permanent and free source of energy. Solar panels, photovoltaics, and other solar energy systems harness this power as an alternative that both protects the …

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PowerParasol Applauds Creative Thinking High School Students

Michael Bupp/The Sentinel

High school students in Carlisle, PA have created a solar-powered trailer to use for all of their construction projects. Here at PowerParasol, we applaud creative thinking in the application of solar power energy. Read more about the innovative project below. Carlisle High School Students Are Reaping the Benefits of Their Solar Project High school students in Carlisle, PA are utilizing …

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